Estate Wineries and Wines with Tradition

The Flair of Back Then, the Know-how of Today, the Visions of Tomorrow

The Association Alto Adige Estate Wineries serves as an example for winemaking in Alto Adige. Since the last century, charismatic personalities have decisively moulded the self-awareness and confidence of the privately organized wine producers in Alto Adige.

The “Association of Wine Wholesalers” was founded in 1946 with the goal of the supporting the promotion of free trade wine exports. Starting from 1971, with the founding of the “Alto Adige Wine Association”, the high standard of moral, legal, and material interests came to the forefront which is associated with winegrowing, winemaking, and the wine trade.

Since 2004, the association has carried the name “Alto Adige Estate Wineries”. It is an association of thirty-three historical estates and private wineries. This designation corresponds to the development of numerous commercial wineries into individual estate wineries whose proprietors stand behind their wine production with body and soul. Each one, in their own way, contributes to the multifaceted wine experience landscape of Alto Adige

“The members of the association ‘Alto Adige Estate Wineries’ are involved in the entire process of wine production, from the planting of the vines to the marketing of their wines. For them, Alto Adige wine is a healthy, life-affirming, and precious component of the Alto Adige savoir-vivre.”

Alto Adige Wines

Gems of a Wine Landscape

This is the place where people live out their total philosophy of life in the way that they care for their vineyards, select their partners, produce their wines, and tell about them.
Alto Adige Wines

Speaking of Nobility and Wine

White wine, red wine, or sparkling wine? They are the refined, and in fact at times even noble, ambassadors of the tight solidarity of the winegrowers with the resources of Mother Earth and the visions of their forefathers.
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